About Us



American Bites Bakery is a family-owned business. Its mission is to bring family and friends together over the best American desserts ever. 

Meet the Family: Oriana, Victor, Matthew, Vicky, and Roxy!



Oriana and Victor are the founders of American Bites Bakery! They have been married for more than 30 years. After building a life together and raising their family in Virginia, US, they decided to move to Porto, where Victor has family roots, looking for a more relaxed lifestyle.

The whole family fell in love with Portugal right away. Still, when they're homesick...they bake their favorite traditional American desserts that they grew up eating, which bring back so many happy memories. Their excitement over sweets was all the motivation they needed to launch American Bites Bakery in 2020. So that is how American Bites Bakery was born. 

Oriana - the mom - is our head baker and all-things-sweet mastermind. Since she can remember, she has been baking and has run a successful recipe website since 2011. She creates and develops all the recipes and says that the main and most important ingredient in her creations is LOVE.   

Victor - the dad - is our business manager. He has a lot of experience working in the hospitality industry and makes sure everything works efficiently.

Matthew & Vicky - the kids - are the official taste testers and the world's most sincere food critics. They are very picky about what they eat, so you know it's delicious if they like it.

Roxy - the puppy - is just adorable and easy to please. She is happy with whatever she gets and keeps everyone in high spirits. 

As a family, they have built American Bites Bakery out of love and a desire to deliver happiness, one goodie at a time.

Thank you for taking a ride on this sweet journey with us!